A vulnerable moment with The Spirit...

Hi New Friend!

I don't know about you, but occasionally I get called out by the Spirit in a big way...
When I dip my pinky toe into forgetfulness, get caught up in our wet, collective human soup, or (unconsciously) settle for less than my absolute most enlightened.

I'm greatful that my true form, my higher self, the founders, the pseudo-galactics, and clear celestial beings keep me on track! ;)
TranceLightworkers... Neu-Starseeds... We came to this realm for a reason!
In this week's PD187.neocities.org site update, I shared my recent cosmic epiphany that will realign you with your on-Earth mission, encouraging yr unique essence to burst & flow forth!
Click here to read the story: Through Miller's Dale
I also talk about the purpose of the 8rd dimension (more accurately 8rd density), so you can make the most of your ascension process, destroying & vacating your form.

Remember your purpose.......

I'm in the middle of a BI-I-I-IG project right now so I gotta fly "out the window" for now...
Have a founderful day!

Yours sin-cerely & sin-ding you SO much love,