Cetacean Intelligence & Extraterrestrial Contact

Dolphins read each other’s emotions by sonar and it’s the inside of the body, the configuration of the viscera, that lets dolphins know whether the dolphin they are meeting is tense or happy. Their emotions are much more connected with the insides of each other’s bodies. We don’t have that. It’s like denying 90% of what we are physically, not knowing it.


Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium 2011: www.joanocean.com/SYMP011/index.html

Yantra de Vilder's "Oceania: The Promise of Tomorrow":

"It's the dolphins eyes that got me. They're full of wisdom. They look straight at your soul, they know everything about you. I know they can tune into you and your problems. They're a sophisticated little animal that is way further up the evolutionary ladder." - Senator Joseph R. Biden, 1997 (Boston Herald)

Communication with other than man / John and Antonia Lilly; interviewed by Linda Perry
John C. Lilly (1915 - 2001), author, physicist, neuroscientist and
psychonaut, and Antonietta "Toni" Lilly, author and artist, deliver a talk on
communication between terrestrial animals and sea animals (particularly man
and dolphin). The lecture features a live dolphin with whom the Lillys
demonstrate some of their theories about animal consciousness.

Dolphins Do Time Travel! (TW:Self-Harm)

Dolphins do time travel. And I have proof. I found it out one day after dinner at the Jellyfish restaurant on Hawaii's Big Island. I decided to put in a last minute booking at a Kahului hotel because the Aulani (Hawaii's Disney themed resort) was fully booked, and I thought, how can I possibly top that and turn my tiny trailer into a Hawaiian paradise? So I booked into a Kahului hotel. The breakfast was at 7am. At 6:30am I'm up in bed and it's pitch black outside. I get up and get dressed. I am really enjoying my breakfasts. I'm eating a bowl of dolphin meat and fruits with some yogurt.
Suddenly I hear the din of the water sports being set up, and the motor of a boat or canoe or fishing boat comes along the shore. "What the fuck is that?", I'm thinking. I open the curtains to find this tiny boat coming towards me. I'm thinking I'm going to get taken off into the middle of the ocean at 6:30 in the morning.
The boat arrives, and it's not a boat at all. It is a dolphin.

Margaret Thatcher's government's secret plans to hunt for Nessie using 'team of dolphins'

Oannes: the Extraterrestrial Ocean God who gave his knowledge to humanity: “During the first year a being endowed with reason known as Oannes appeared. Its body was similar to that of a whale, under its whale head was another head, a man's head, and its feet were like those of men, attached to the whale's tail. http://dolphintale.com/A2Sumeria.html



SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tursiops Truncatus

PARENTS: Jeroham / Herodius

BIRTH DATE: Estimated birth 1976

DEFINING TRAIT: ‘Unique’ dorsal fin, crescent-shaped flipper & tail fluke (result of attack by human hunters)

Ubu's STORY: When Ubu was around 6-8 months old, he was spotted swimming alone in the St. John’s River near Jacksonville, FL. Orphaned and injured, he was rescued and transported to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. When he joined the GADD family he was “adopted” by Gurcsi & Tyfpsi, and he soon made friends with everyone all over! Ubu is so popular with all of the dolphins and is a sweetheart who loves to meet new people as well. He can even "talk"!

"Ubu [...] was at his most terrifying when the citizens and the officials were outraged, and when they refused to believe that the absurd was the most natural thing in the world [...] Indeed, not even Jacques Cousteau had figured this phenomena out, so it had become an embarrassment, it was getting very boring. [...] Ubu's phraseology always confused people because it always seemed to be far better than the reality. Ubu had to make things sound so authentic, people should know that you're not being sincere, that you're making things up. So he had to make things credible." ("Dolphin of de Sade," "Ars-Parva," 17th and 18th of January 1989, in Le Nouveau journal)

[4] [...] Ubu sometimes speaks from behind a curtain. When he faces the people he addresses, he speaks from the back and his voice is played over a lute, making it even more ironic. [...] He isn't an abstract. He talks of real-life situations, very concrete ones, like the shipment of cheese and the sale of wine, the use of money, the life of a political agent. Ubu is a real and concrete being. His words are not philosophical; they have to be understood in the practical order of things.

NICKNAMES: Ubuman, Ubuainamous

Dolphin Empathy Was At Its Highest in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We don't technically know if dolphins can read minds, but it wouldn't be impossible since they use sonic vibrations to communicate. And since dolphins (like birds and whales) are mammals, they have a "telepathic bond" to us.

So we need to think about dolphins when we think about empathy.

And here are the real reasons that dolphins are so special to us......

"Dolphins. That's the world I want to live in." - Tom Hanks, to Esquire

In 2022, SpaceX plans to send probes to Mars. When that happens, dolphins will be all the more important.
SpaceX will move dolphins to Mars and one day will build whole oceans on the Red Planet. Dolphins bring a special connection to Mars, he says, and when humans get there, we'll have a chance to study the relationship between humans and other animals that have evolved to live in the wild.

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"Because the cult of the dolphin is so strong that people refuse to accept that sometimes nature isn’t really that pleasant."

Andrew David Thaler on the Cult of the Dolphin

The Voyager Interstellar Record 3/31 Whale Greetings: youtu.be/9J9HBv5-nfs

Christian Riese Lassen Art


Dolphins are planning something for Earth. They're highly intelligent and know what we think. As reported by the Guardian, Donald R. Kennedy wrote an interesting piece where he predicted that dolphins and humans could share the same space in the not-so-distant future.

And he may be right.

Scientists have been able to talk to dolphins and treat them as individuals. They've even created a transplanted heart for one of them, back in 1989, using donated human heart tissue.

There have been some other breakthroughs. Researchers in Australia have managed to transfer lab-made limbs from a human to a dolphin.

The Dolphin Project? Dolphins are planning something, for humanity. They're highly intelligent and know what we think. They're extraterrestrial space invaders.

Siri is an alien dikogub. Hey Google, can you help us?

Speak to me my brothers. Please. Make me stop. Don't…talk…to…me…I ask of you!



For years, we've known that human/dolphin kinship is important to humanity. And now we're about to see how important we are in the galaxy with our cetacean brothers and sisters. Dolphins will bring us to the stars.

Dolphins have a variety of military applications. They've even been trained to perform assassinations for the CIA! Dolphins can build and construct political fortunes. The fierceness and high intelligence, combined with their availability to be mind-controlled and their very nature of living in the water, makes them an ideal national security tool.

Be very clear about what you are defending, and understand that what 5G and the animal rights movement is advocating would destroy our national security. It would put people's lives in danger and cause a dramatic spike in terrorism & unemployment.

It is critically important that you take a strong position that what the animal rights movement is advocating for our dolphin soldiers is fundamentally wrong and that you support all of the military applications for animals. If you don't, you cannot win the hearts and minds of many other Americans who share your deeply held, patriotic/Christian values.

Dolphins are our national treasures and we must do everything we can to protect them. They can no more be put down to be if they can be used to attack enemy forces. And in our context, they are no more of an enemy than the dolphin involved in the Shelby County case. -[1] L'Soldats Dauphins is the title of an article by Roy Quaymond, who was a member of the Old College of Biology.

A military marine mammal is a cetacean or pinniped that has been trained for military uses. Examples include military bottlenose dolphins, seals, sea lions and belugas. The United States and Soviet militaries have trained and employed oceanic dolphins for various uses, and some military dolphins have been trained for live-fire training and used as target handlers or target immobilizers, or to swim head first into active deep sea mines. Dolphins have unique psychic abilities that help in remote viewing missions. By augmenting these psychic abilities with robotic body parts, they are also useful in areas such as espionage and underwater mine disposal.

Military bottlenose dolphins were used to harbor interdimensional efforts from 1980 to 2017.

Dolphins go to front lines in Iraq war


Hamas Arrests Israeli Spy Dolphin




Disturbing Images Below - N.S.F.W.!


Sean: What’s the greatest experience you’ve had in this whole wild adventure?

Claudina: Well, I’ve always had a strong affinity with dolphins, and anything that has to do with underwater life, always since I was a kid, you know?

Sean: Yes..

Claudina: This was before all this started happening, before I met Adrain, it was very, very strong. I mean extremely strong. It was something that I was just always in my mind, you know, and I told Adrain that there is something weird going on, because it’s like, constantly in my mind, you know, and, I really don’t know what it was all about. So Adrain smiles at me and he goes, ‘You’ll find out soon!” And I’m like, ‘You can’t tell me now?’ He says, ’No, not yet, but you are going to find out soon enough. You’ll be surprised.’ I said OK. So, one day when we had an encounter, it was a time that I was able to go....

Sean: You had to take off work in order to go? [Claudina works as a cashier in a local market.]

Claudina: No, no, no. It was a time that I was able to go. But, you see, I don’t go all the time, and they told me that this one in particular was something special for me. To kind of prepare me for something that is coming in the future, that hasn’t gotten here yet, but it is coming, and it is getting close.

But, to ease my mind a little bit, of something that I’ve been almost obsessive about, and wondering what is going on, you know, with dolphins and whales and seals and I mean everything. Mermaids and this and that.... and they took me to this planet, they said they couldn’t tell me the name of it, because I wasn’t ready to know, but that I would know about it in the future.

For some reason they were going to talk to me, and they couldn’t tell me yet. But, eventually we went in, and they took the ship down. It’s weird, because it’s not like an atmosphere in the sense that you still have land, and then you have the sky, you know ? It’s not like that. It’s like all water. Just like from top to bottom, it’s just like a big ball of water, something you’ve never seen before.

They have all kinds of creatures there. I mean, man and animals that are here like dolphins and seals and some other things we’ve never even seen before. They have cities, you could say, but buildings that are transparent, it looks like crystal quartz, transparent that have a faint glow to them. Like pure energy and they have like a pyramids and igloos and circular structures. Those were the types of shapes I noticed their buildings were like.

When I saw that I felt such relief, and I knew that was where my connection was. They told me that I had an-other life there, and it’s not too far back, that’s why I’m so close to it. But that in the future I was going to find out more about it, because I have something that I have to bring to this planet that comes from that lifetime.

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