Public Safety Notice:  Gang Stalking


    This neighborhood has ongoing “gang stalking” activity (also known as “organized stalking”). The   

    crime is not related to street gangs; rather it involves illegal surveillance and harassment of targeted

    individuals by multiple perpetrators (called “perps” or “brown-nosers”) working together. Often the

    stalking is done for vengeance or to silence potential whistle-blowers.

    Perpetrators who manage organized stalking operations are usually associated with private security-   

    intelligence firms or they are corrupt members – or former members – of the law enforcement 

    community, or criminal informants.


    Tactics include threats and abusive comments, breaking into the victim’s residence, slander (lying   

    about the victim), harassment by noise (sometimes from nearby residences), criminal invasion of    

    the victim’s privacy – for example, by tapping phone lines and hacking computers (the crime of

    eavesdropping (a violation of California Penal Code sections 630 – 638), and other serious    

    violations of state and federal law.


    Beware of persons who might be falsely impersonating law enforcement personnel (in violation      

    of California Penal Code section 538d) to recruit participants for gang stalking operations (as  

    distinguished from legitimate “neighborhood watch” programs). If you are in doubt about the  

    identity of such persons, contact your local sheriff’s office or police department.    


    Stalking (maliciously following, harassing, and threatening another person) is a violation of  

    California Penal Code section 646.9 and may be punishable by up to three years in state prison

    for a first offense. Some of the tactics – such as entering a victim’s residence or conducting certain

    types of surveillance without a search warrant, or punishing an American without a trial – are also

    serious violations of federal law.  

                   To inquire about criminal prosecutions for gang stalking crimes:


                 Call the California Attorney General’s office at this toll-free number: (800) 952-5225


    An ABC TV show demonstrated how gang stalkers can impersonate law enforcement personnel to   

    recruit unsuspecting citizens. You can view it on YouTube.


           Search for:  Gang stalking + ABC + John Quinones + Comply or Question Authority


    Crime survey statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice indicate that in 2006 there were an

    estimated 445,220 stalking incidents involving three or more perpetrators stalking an individual.


    History of organized stalking:  

    In the U.S., the tactics were famously used by the FBI during its secret illegal counterintelligence program
("Cointelpro") from 1956 until the program was exposed by civilian activists in 1971. The program mainly
targeted political activists. Multiple news articles (which can be found at the website below) indicate that a
more sophisticated and larger-scale use of counterintelligence crimes is now taking place.

              For more information, visit this website:

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