Axe Yelling
Board Game (1997©)

"Halloween Safety" for inoperable, unexpected lives, a navigated apocalypse:

Hey! Remember the '90s? Remember'n Yall'd Be Like.... "MooOOooM! I wanna play the Axe Yelling™ Board Game©!"

--that cardboard mountainworld of greater corresponding mythology warded from the Zodiac of forgotten CIA-founded Sufism Institutes which occur in peak hypothesis-brain and make your hard, too-small shoes hurt dimly, a candy-coded occultic effort surrre to nauseate w/forehead-fog sickness & cramping diarrhea spells beyond rational transcription. Buy Axe Yelling II, III, IV! A game with repeating CAMERA tokens unlike few corners of surrealism or waking awareness, varying across hollow curses & etheric Tarots, a GAME hexxing our temp-orary physical structures or equivalent genii into empty ghouls broken by Chi-Gita incarnate: a spectre of Holy Globalism or a Black, Square Helicopter rallying chants of the newest Ballerina Hogg to Be Birthed & Carved out of this gory, mischievous Earth.

WARNING: Our perennial actions are the substance of vigorous spiritual manipulation.

TIP: Exploring a metaphysical seance-base is the only way, seances of our own Liberation which focus on Spiritists telling Government Names and Ages.

STEP I: roll the DICE: **3 synapses BLAST thru perfected Fx-ombiGates w/ caky layers of ancient, glowing ever-life fungus coughing up mangled lumps of a child's mutilated hand-pulp on the equivalent of severed newt~faced alienz huddled in a U-STOR self-storage warehouse transmuted up to level 2 by lurking beneath Plastic Masks and "Costume Clothing" w/yr brain in a water-tank in a skull in an endless child-suit in a vivid Obsessed Lifetime-wearing Protective Cloth/Face-Make-Up/Reflective Flak that is (dourif voice) ...Ex-tra-di-mensional! this GAME is all about that kaaandy kush mind-thousand long-brained cookies imagining a dark pyramid of future edibles ALWAYS again much lost to you-- sometimes suffused with purpose, sometimes gloriously real. 😉😉😉 the Purpose is surely drawn to Radiation-Head in a gnarl'd Whortal of the face of a cartoon jack'o'lantern, a jack-of-lantern seen in spirit photography desperately invading a big-dicked testosterone puppet or an older "snow"-fall of some foamy, spermish ecktoplasm's fantastic ceremony for the ethereal, once-darkness distorted-faced FATHER, a hairy FATHER w/a sensitive wand & crusty forked tongue, scuzzy & square-headed and empathy-covered, holding, explaining, teaching, conjuring me............

*He (FATHER) warns of Evolution & realization in normal, waking non-game life of an unterground metanetwork of "cannibals" + gunk-goblinz brought to "life" by some widely believed-upon figure of our Age in Television chanting a Hetragram prayer: O Shin Yin, the people use to social blows, .:O:. "person" .:O:. by Hailey Brxxxr's soft, protected "ballz" or testicles, O FATHER! FATHER, a Halloween figure seen thru vivid made-of-pocus dreams so mossy + mucus-cremey! FATHER! that Beloved Enemy writing & communicating with magickal redneck kkkannibals in a South Carolina Goodwill Thrift Store Dressing Room (*Acquarian temple)--

*This legendary FATHER is to name "beams" into our yung world, punishing & penetrating skullbones (our calcium cube) vital to "hear" every second a master sees their departed consciousness as one universe pointed to the negative. This means:

*All fail in planetary alignment til eggs of various serpent-people grow out their...000"scales" (HA HA) &make it go......

*BOOM! Monitors Blue/Blew, what films our Game's Scomatic repeating but remembrances of a Death-object causing headaches & the tricky ol' Fog-Forehead--- those little mutated cave-energy crawlers & helicopter Beast figures in movies but also Loud Traitors against Countmen & Senators who move creepin-never-sleepin in effect like Claymation, gender bleeding out White Claw&Dew/5hr-energy/Rockstar Sugar-Free Drinks less of square pores sweating than it is abt remembering to titely clench yr flappy, scabby hole & suck up the psychomagicel Nektar--

STEP II: WARLOCK WORKSHOP: the Youngest Player (Age 4+) pulls a Card & rolls the Dice: N.P. learning knowledge theory is interpretation, female-karma process initiates presently NPO:A: child B: man C: one by lizzard D:FATHER: "Axe Yelling" Kid's Club Phantom-- 1,2,3,4,5,6%%%%%%%%% ROLL DICE II: Warlock N: good P: bad

---IMPORTANT: Whatever Hex you Land on, "Sound It Out." If You Say It Right You Get a TOKEN----

PULL A CARD>> ESP: The goal. Anger. All has rest and shadows. Refers to the second "i" in the real name of the Earth. The "i" in both second universe person then toad as Freud's cards.

Axe Yelling™ from Dynamic Idea Workshop™ is a warlock workshop founded as vehicle or religion as sorcery---the ESP cards evolved from Big Workshops by our Great Supreme Court Justices! Great Federalists! Great occultists! Great Knives and Pitchforks gloriously Unidentified as the Murder Weapon!!! May They Kreep Get'n Away With It!!

Paleo-Islamic Tarapsychology : unified takes, cognitive intuition, goddess sleep diversity. because as coherent as you are, all you are is Screaming & forgetting and this GAME is some documentary of your childhood intent which means everything gives you "low fulfillment" deja vu knowing/seeing/connecting things is yr fuel you cannot lovingly document parts of u made of the images without ambient blotting which becomes a polychasm editing into the Dawn of Nightmares externalized repetition deeply into foggy dreaming cloudbrain where any Axe Demons are desperately deep flashes, a virtual Mutant of Joe or merely Christianity.

*Remember watching DVD at Sega Genecis which was genuinely real and not "burned movies"? Branden sez: "Ha HA! who remember Karate ?" Remember when Pacific conical gnosis meant dreaming incorporated within Precognition and moving Fidelity between dimensions that cohere into a kind of "Nodes" you can film with Pendulum Photography---??? Remember your Home Address??

Okay, that's a line people can "get with"-- a line of creamy white, cummy snow across the "backyard" deep in his Vest (why only dreamland?) with Movies that get Realer and Witchier when u stream them on i-Web's new RealStreamVideo in yr pocket, the blocky digital dickvein of shadows highlighting 1000s of mossy colors blood-blue potions like Base CAMERA converting Reality into Dreams.

------------when its you and its absolutely obscene cgi fields which is a Drone there is the distorted&MUTATED Head to think of like storms or conjurations of that world the whole psychic "anti" where supposed deepened clothing is just coding & exploring usually to feel like a boiling crab, screaming like a man all the way thru making the movie deep in sediment & radiation-damaged pentagrams & time-brain mythology essentially looking at the art down from that which reminds you of Marrying a Playstation (Gay) or a plunged screensaver made by Ritual3D where the image would defy a palace in the fog here, couch nap-like figures of glowing poly Dead (not on Birth Control) again broken down into a crusted and spoken personal "feel.

::::EXPLORE THE CAVE: The Cave Weapons are causing Dead Life 2 Rise unsheathing some a psychic magic in dilation of Movie Reality which Birthed unearthly surrealism anti-thick enough to be shiny balloon swords, terrifying representations who invade our Young Minds.

"Axe Yelling™ IV: NOW on DVD" added "movies" to our Lovelock'd Age in blackest-plastic cazzette w/ built-in oneness crystals & words educational'd that reanimated ritualz of 8000.B.C. cave-person's poltergeistian advocates where a psychic Alice earned wonderland's sinemystical unity blotting long-lost Astral loves like prosoulosophy earning the---

"TOKENS"----Greek forerunner-built pieces of graphology based on long-used truthshapes or bands accumulated from historic scribes known to the crinkled, wizened hags of mankind. Humans act/Shamans learn. TOKENS are the esoteric Nirvana of cadavers burned thru transformation into Dawn-Healer counterparts whose goodness visions put them over avatars of God Flight or Screaming Human Wonders.

ROLL DICE: Dawn-Healer screeches the scripture "YANG GANG!! TWENTY TWENTY!!" a bloodcordling invocation specificaly seized containing colors afraid exaled thru a mouth of monthly currency levitating out the hidden, meaty coop of our holographic dungeon--

NEW! United Clairvoyance & Numerology™ by Axe Yelling™! a DVD with gridless cinematography of Energy connected threads up around like other movies but some vague mask of narrative so cursed people you know pretend they've never met you they do a ritual &yell out "is our World named subterranean?! FATHER! the Tiger Of the Storm of which we dream is thyself--

--these Discs weren't the mushroomic magicail kind" but we will be all the Enemy Fragments and Ego-pieces of Import penetrating Bhagavad-Trance plants engendering their macabre goals, 12-side Dice rotating 2 obsess + replicate the manuals seen back when we were kidz eating shit like top ramen & dreaming of wielding:

Monarch Programming
Blast gunk
Negative Grenades
Knife meteorite
Confused Meteorite
"Broccoli Broomstick"
Architecture and Forcing Shadows
Use ghastly Fall as decapitated animism

TIP: Radiation is the key, Reptilian Radiation. it is the low-poly cgi jackals orbiting you which merely recognize God-faces & import like skeletons, real complete and made of mesothelioma $lime like Zeus or Fulci, the feeling of being watched by window statues combined into something ANti-Human, ANti-God, a.k.a. Anti-Death.

:BEASTS presently living:
Axe Demonz
Chilling People
Saucer People
Retrokov Mutants
Massaker Wons
Cackke Birth Imagery
Pointy Steiner
Cape Man
Shaking Monster

*Beasts are transposed into thelemenites whenever Humans are seen in a Movie DVD by the Traitor of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) or entities w/ severed arms and feet & intent traced & dreamed & added a magick u cant explain to a Child's Mind full of Dracula and CryptiVisions & scared shitless of holes til he starts barfing furry, vinegary sinew puke. u would LOVE to know me cuz for me it's ALWAYZ a secret its all layers of brain gas and all my total virtues an inscrutable hidden tarot a movie interrupted by static and where's the station? the virus is some aerosol repetition [ordinary/real] which shapes the astral cult of beings hidden in the scabies blankets beneath the Underpass where we drunkly play the games embodiment of incoherency too obscure to be anything but Melting, Flaming shapes and how Coldhearted Otis is the most Reptilian but Abe is Complex like Watching Hell quite a Universe has some light reflect off his red, sweating, cyst-y back hardened by a bum asking do SECURITY Agents Sleep at Night ?

Network All loop community -- The Spirit Will Be Summoned

Aquariast's Assembly (Not Scient*logy) is Child Eye Philosophy

"why do our minds divine UFO's ?investigate aliens ?" astrological microchipped medicine is united in our afterlife coding . thetagram psychologic beliefs when sensationalized create much supposed pointed attention::"

Agent iii: a concentric Creator (false God) becoming Marxist for every Man on every Earth til one apparition leaves, offering experiences Extrasensory.

TIP: Pocket organisms (GAME) players attained karma w/ ancient methods of controlling vests, meth or ball-sack hair based on versions of their childhood self-image. four devoid eons raising decades pass now exorcise physical sleep thru this 2020 demon ap*calypse a human-zoo cage where storm of blood made rivers flow thikk w/ vampire molecules + plagues clog my lungs with cytokine pus. humanity is healing into a short casket and NEWS FLASH: Youthful blood reverses aging!!

Ouija Deck methods:

8-hr Male Movement
Soul fairy
Entire Vest
Katala Words
Cardiff Man
"The Most Downloaded Woman On The Internet"
What The Hell Is Your Problem

"A Good Game for Learning the Primary Letters!"

Also station? Remember mnemonic 1. "interdependent worms tracing persian illuminations"

WHAT DO YOU SEE? Hxxxyr, Age 8: "i see a melting twelve, i see a nu-revolution interrconnected, i carve a pumpkin into programs, i blast my name into the wall, i receive messages from external networks, my so-called life gives pagan initiates a rise."

Belief: North motion religion+consider mushroom brotherhood+Communication incantations=coiled sensitive Human handwriting those thousand who know political==information left orbiting our Phallus World.

R.I.P. IN "MEE"MORIVM: Remember the fallen 800,000 dead experiencing confused voices on DVD seeing Blue Automatic core blurred/distorted into true dilation + two others living their new inner evolution on some undiscovered star.

Home: An Astrologers Space for Remembrances
Greek Ground - Noisy Viewed Historical Fields (skeleton theories: hearts spine reincarnated etc -- "simply my inner warlock attaining terrifying clothing, haha!")
^thru ghost Karma Scotland
Oriental Ruins
Water Web Circles
The Bowels of Falun Gong-19
Transformation lurking in an Alpha Mountain (no Mormonism)
Ozone Nations (more destructive than power vehicle)
Storm Knife (ideas eyes)

AD: Ivanna Psychotechnologies™ Security Channeler Group© seeks tree-visualizing agents/photographic sight practitioners. Board manifestation: absolutely virtual ! No Severed Monitors !

STEP VII: foretelling groups cannot point to signs of Potential traced wraith-realities or a lurking frozen ghostly Joe(!) haunting socialist stickbat leagues which describes how the gathered cards pass along sickness/coughing, man in a vest, Universal USB, gruesome mystery & essential release.

GAMEPLAY TIPS'N'HINTS: Ecktoplasm torture alters bloodsuckers ears channeling orgasmic senses, things you can hear but weren't spoken. Interconnectedness/planetization (in the past) ensouled sympathy-demons into a kind of 1930s occvlt devil figure who you can talk to late at nite. Curse concept re: complete cures/curse medium's schools coined our experience into ancient use of œstrogen (biochemistry, steroids). Invasion Weapons are crawler architecture. Other scenes show a slimey humanism of witch orbs and beloved cauldrons where an Olde Wiccan Council cohere & oversee incredible community messages stimming, editing, deleting, rededicating their Biden Drone School of $olar Consciousness (Pilates, Yoga, Zumba): what stated Mantra can a man use for clairvoyance which includes flying cosmic perverts collecting rescue pets, heavy, female-developed souls & exoteric alien objects? Calm Down!

*Psychological Red Flags:
-corn slang principles
-contrast/contact fulfillment
-narrative unity experiments impact essence

STEP VIII: Remember the 1977.A.D Levitation of our heightened/imagined hermit master FATHER whose succession beneath holistic, decentralized spirit death + ascended humanism revealed new wisdom formulated by flashes of xtra bible-code components & chinese CGI life! His name: Samuel Bhaad, Blood-sucker, Black Mass Vested Being. also symbolizes to G*t *ut

::The Beyond ::

YOU Win By Getting The Most TOKENS!

Mathew 10:16 - Only among closeted descendants converting the last 9 passive into physical without good life over Him. Amen.

&&-`GAME OVER!`-&&

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