>thelemic bidenism=BE-JOINED &




June 19, 2021:
the bidens entered the white house with 2 microchipped* german (!) shepherds, a ghostly echo of fellow catholic prez jfk & jackie's shepherd dog "clipper"
(pre-programming for biden's 2023 stroke & lbj-style af1 swearing in of kamala)


major biden keeps (allegedly) biting & mauling secret service & parks guys, but noble champ is the one destroyed, put down "like a dog" with a chip in his brain. was someone "done" with his form? a canine exorcism, hive-mind OCD, psychotic break?(other presidential german shepherds: fdr had a "major" too, hoover had "king tut," otherwise assoc'd w/the process church, berkowitz, cops, nazis; "German Shepherds like Blondi were coveted as "germanische Urhunde," being close to the wolf, and became very fashionable during the Nazi era.") https://news.yahoo.com/news/news/tom-hanks-mourns-death-dog-091528974.html

thule, chimeras, "havana syndrome" & the alpha-wolf cult of DC
silicon valley using shamanic techniques for personal metamorphosis:

"being a dog, sometimes, has its advantages."("champ" was joe's childhood nickname) https://nypost.com/2020/12/03/biden-says-he-broke-foot-after-shower-when-he-pulled-dogs-tail/

??who in the white house can transform??

KAMALA: she-wolf of the u.s.

[E]very night around 10 p.m., the two small girls crawled from their beds at an orphanage near Midnapore, India and howled at the moon. According to their caretakers, they were “wolf-children,” who mysteriously didn’t sweat, and only ate entrails and raw meat. Their eyes flashed blue in the darkness, people said. They were human — but the didn’t seem like it. Their caretakers said they had been raised by wolves.
When local villagers of Godamuri first encountered the wolf children of Minapore in 1920, they immediately suspected that the wild creatures were Manush-Bagha, Bengali for ghost-headed man-bodied beasts. Driven by curiosity and eager to dispel local superstitions, Reverend J. A. L. Singh led a band of men into the jungle where he found two “hideous-looking beings” (Singh & Zingg 5) huddled with a band of wolf pups in an old ant mound. Singh took the wolf-raised children back to his orphanage and named the younger one Amala and the elder Kamala. Singh kept a diary and recorded detailed observations of their feral behavior, such as the girls’ four-legged prowling and mangled midnight imitations of the noises the wolves made. Amala died a year after her introduction to human society, but her older sister lived on. Singh continued to painstakingly document Kamala’s “tardy development from a wolf-like existence to that of a human being” (Singh & Zingg 38).
Woodward, who is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc., told WBAL-TV 11, she has spoken to her sorority sisters since the election and they share her excitement.

"Knowing that we pledged together, studied together, knowing the real Kamala as much as anyone can... being able to see her in the White House is monumental," she said.

Woodward and Vaughn believe their experiences with the Vice President Elect gave them insight into how she may lead when in office.

"Ultimately, her extraordinary ability to shape-shift into various roles and serve diverse constituencies is what makes her such a formidable leader," Vaughn explained.

kamala and her sister had "no trace of humanness in the way they acted and thought. It was as if they had the minds of wolves."
kamala is a wolf-child
backed by an ancient
masonic police force
& ritual greek sorority
born with a chip in the brain
sworn in on her personal grimoire
placed on top the bible on a palindromic
templar/masonic twinning date (1-20-2-02-1)
[ASSAM TRIBUNE, JULY 14 1939 : "Villagers in Devaripalli (Krishnagiri district Tamil Nadu) believe a baby born with a long, misshapen hanging nose and thick, tusk-like upper teeth is an incarnation of Ganesh, the elephant God; offerings are brought to the village by the thousands who pray to the child-god, named Devi (!) Runiyarayar by her parents."-----mom shymala gopalan born december 7th 1938 in chennai (then madras, same state) & k.devi harris shares the infant's middle name, meaning goddess in sanskrit]


our skinwalker goddess circus-wolf VP brought her ancient masonic gestapo from killafornia:
The arrests of Brandon Kiel, a community affairs liaison to Attorney General Kamala Harris, and two others said to be operating as part of the rogue law enforcement group have renewed focus on the Masons, the world’s first and largest fraternity.

Authorities say Kiel referred to himself as “chief deputy director” of the MFPD, which on its website claims jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico and dates back to 1100 B.C. “Chief” David Henry, a grand master in the Masons, was reportedly taken into custody wearing a phony police uniform.


“I always see them with their uniforms, so I thought they were part of any department,” a neighbor of one of the three people arrested told the station.
The Masonic Fraternal Police Department states on its website that it is a descendant of a paramilitary group from the middle ages, the Knights Templar. The group also claims 500,000 members across the United States, as well as a “jurisdiction” in Mexico City.
The group claims on its website to date to 1100 B.C., though historically the Knights Templar was a group affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church that advanced Christianity during the crusades, more than 2,000 years later.

"According to the Times, an officer with the Santa Clarita Valley police station met with group members and could not ascertain their intentions."

Officials are investigating after residents in Sacramento received mail indicating they were being stalked by a fraternal order of "Masonic" police.
The mailers "identify specific people in the neighborhoods," showing pictures of their vehicles as well as homes, police said.
The letters, credited to the "Pioneers of the Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.)," include a website to contact for help, however, police are discouraging people from accessing those sites, which they believe will take the user's personal information. The so-called "pioneer" officers have been connected to threats, harrassment, false "citizen's arrests," even kidnapping and assault.

PIONEER: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/17/politics/kamala-harris-secret-service-code-name-pioneer/index.html
(dog comms: "champ" prez biden is "celtic," a nod to his conal cochran/silver shamrock-level plans for 2023)

The Masonic Fraternal Organization is the oldest and most respected organization in the “World.” Grand Masters around the various states are facing serious safety concerns for their Jurisdictions and their family members. The first Police Department was created by the “Knights Templar’s” back in 1100 B.C.
The Masonic Fraternal Police Department, (M.F.P.D.) is the Knights Templar’s!
When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first! We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then a job it is an obligation.


We found out about this Knights Templar, a Grand Master who had entered the country in 1890, and how he shunned them when they invited him to be with them because he looked down upon their knowledge of The Work. We learned what we always suspected, that the Masonic mysteries were of a Blacker origin than we thought and that this man had in his possession a Black sacred Book and how they were worried that we would find out and wouldn’t learn that the reason they wanted us out of the mysteries was because they were our mysteries!

They were accusing us of trespassing upon our own property. We didn’t care actually. We had invented our own texts and slang which are subject to the ridicule of their scholars who nevertheless always seem to want to hang out around us and come to our meetings and poke into our ceremonies. The Charter of the Daughters of the Eastern Star as you know is written in our mystery language which they call slang or dialect. 1 of the brothers told us 1 night that even the Catholic Mass was based upon a Black Egyptian celebration. It may have looked like a gang war but in reality it was a struggle between who were in the Know. The White man will never admit his real references. He will steal everything you have and still call you those names. He will drag out standards and talk about propriety.(...) They can’t use the lone psychopath emerging suddenly as the President’s party enters the train station. They used that with Garfield. No, they must use something different this time. Poison. It all adds up to guilty. He attended a Rent Party, exposed the Holy War in Haiti and now this. And when he was quoted as saying, “The Negro should be the Negro and not an imitation White man,” what did he mean by that? Was that some kind of code he was giving to Blacks?

The organization was an imitation of Hasan-ibn-al-Sabbah’s Assassins which had similar offices: Grand Masters, Grand Priors, Priors, Knights, Esquires, Lay Brothers, and the Templars even adopted the Muslim colors so as to distinguish themselves from their rivals the Teutonics and the Hospitalers. They were a bunch of filthy ruffians, thugs and excommunicated “holy sinners” who wore their clothes until they rotted off their backs; maybe not so bad when you consider that this was a time when the King of France only changed his clothes 3 times a year. They were bully boys who justified their existence by harassing “sacriligers adulterers and others in the name of the Cross.” Their stock rose and when they saved the 2nd Crusade from annihilation they were in a position to write their own ticket. Hinckle Von Vampton was the Templar librarian. It was here he came upon the Book of Thoth, the sacred Work Isis had given to Moses. The Work of the Black Birdman, an assistant to Osiris. (If anyone thinks this is “mystifying the past” kindly check out your local bird book and you will find the sacred Ibis’ Ornithological name to be Threskiornis aethiopicus.)

(-ishmael reed, mumbo jumbo 1972)

the crowned templar virus, false-reality neural networks, hunter chasing blavatsky in ukraine & cold war 3 shapeshifting programs (masked singer, harry potter, netflix's SWEET TOOTH +"sexy beasts") are the face-transformation in our CDC-enforced masquerade/dress code (fauci's dog-muzzles)-----


The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) provides services to Masonic Sovereign Grand Masters and their Masonic Jurisdictions, as well as other Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations.
pinkies up, skee-wee my sorors!



this is actually some atlanta shit; akas say: "...to thee o alpha kappa alpha! we pledge our hearts, our minds, our strength, to foster their teachings, obey thy laws and make thee supreme to all mankind." (pg 39 of their ritual book)
"AKA candidates stand in semi-circle around the altar facing a bust of Lycaeus, a mountain in Arcadia where Zeus and Pan were worshipped.
Upon the table are two marble candleholders with pink and green candles and the ritual book in a centerpiece of tea roses and/or a pot of ivy."

lycaon of arcadia was a greek king who tested zeus' omniscience by serving him sacrificial meat mixed with the entrails of his son nyctimus to test whether the god was truly all-knowing; in return, zeus transformed lycaon into a wolf. "Lycaeus" means "of the she-wolf", but also "of the light", and the lightning in the Lycaon myth shows that Arcadian Zeus began as a rain-making sacred king—in service to the divine She-wolf, the Moon, to whom the wolfpack howls." (-robert graves, the greek myths)

Δάμαρχος---like bush & kerry's SKULL & BONES 322 or
(and what are these calls? KH palindromic like S.ORO.S)
alpha based on atlas: in mythology a titan, or a nephilim,
like k.h. the shapeshifter who believes pain brings her closer to the gods

("the magic in these masonic rituals is very, very old. and way back in those days, it worked. as time went on, and it started being used for spectacle, to consolidate what were only secular appearances of power, it began to lose its zip. but the words, moves and machinery have been more or less faithfully carried down over the millennia, through the grim rationalizing of the world, so the magic is still there, though latent, needing only to touch the right sensitive head to reassert itself.")


NAMING THE SCAPEGOAT: 1963>1968>2023
---as CA attorney general, kamala harris prevented a new trial for palestinian rfk-patsy sirhan sirhan, mocking the idea of a mind-controlled assassin:

“The theory that a person could be hypnotized into planning and committing a murder against his will is a controversial (if not fantastic) one and has not been adopted by most of Brown’s peers, including the American Psychological Association,” Harris wrote.
“Thus, even if (Sirhan) could show that some psychologists believe in mind control or hypno-programming, his showing of actual innocence is nevertheless based on a debatable theory that is not universally accepted in the psychology community,” Harris said.
Sirhan’s attorneys have said that a second gunman actually assassinated Kennedy in 1968 and that Sirhan was hypno-programmed to fire a gun as a diversion.

-----all this is predictive: greek-templar goddess kamala devi will "debunk" the lone-nut stroke death of the 2nd catholic president in 2023, it cannot be stopped.

THE GREAT DIVIDE~a cloud falls over DC:
fighting "disinformation" the sick astro-anarchophysical elite obsession over ufos ("uaps") inject us with symbolic time-machines; saturn=kronos (saucers shaped like the planet saturn) seen bleeding clouds of smoke on 1-6-21--"the capitol riot was a "wicker man" kidnap-and-sacrifice where even the cops were in on it but what made it even more terrifying was the reported presence of hairy little GOBLINS with glowing eyes."
ritual-murderer scarborough: "This is Cujo! Stephen King needs to write 'Cujo Goes to the White House. They brought a werewolf onto the White House grounds!"--- https://www.foxnews.com/media/joe-scarborough-biden-dog-major-meet-dog-jesus-biting-incident
sirhan sirhan's psych doc says he saw "werewolf sex" in the rorshach:
[the leader & the wolf-child: "Hitler named one of Blondi's puppies "Wulf", his favorite nickname and the meaning of his own first name, Adolf ("noble wolf"). "[A] litter borne in 1982 to CIA Director William Casey's* "beloved" German Shepherd Donna ended up in the homes of friends and family of the Reagan White House, with one rambunctious pup donated to Nancy's psychic Joan Quigley."--*master of cannibal creeper joe]
Casey’s vampiric persona bears little resemblance to presidential candidate Joe Biden, a career politician who has spent close to four decades in Congress cultivating an image of patriotism, trustworthiness, and bipartisanship. But records in the CIA CREST archive, unsealed in 2017, detail Biden’s role in supporting Casey’s rise, and ushering in one of the darkest eras of the CIA’s history.
In a classified memo sent to intelligence staff in the early ’80s, Casey praised Biden for giving the most serious threat to the CIA’s unchecked power—the Justice Department—a good thrashing. Casey highlighted “the tongue lashing [Biden] gave Justice for their passive attitude and general ineffectiveness,” as well as “his demand that if his grey mail legislation which he sponsored was not enough to enable them to go after leaks, they tell them what else needs to be done.”

The Empire Never Ended

you can be k!lled for discussing this but with their veiled secrecy dissolving it hardly matters now that the "WOLF" is out of the bag ;-) concerning the recent wave of capitol police suicides & "covid" deaths in lafayette square/the mall/general white house area, we have almost 100 deaths by suicide, 23 capitol interns & employees over 6 months, 7 linked as a possible "cluster"--
----in DC news reports on the "suicides" you can see members of the NSA, CIA and group-7 special forces working on telephone poles & electrical boxes in the background while the cameras are interviewing newscasters, operatives searching for an individual, a big one, thats gone missing from the underground facility beneath 1400 pennsylvania ave, something that telepathically feasts on death & trauma. the agency operatives in the background of the broadcast are there as a msg to the intelligence community saying "we're attempting to get this situation under control."



the reality known is that an unnamed individual claiming to be a police officer engages young people in conversation in & around lafayette square & telepathically hypnotizes them with monarch-trigger/subliminal suggestions (oz, roblox, angry birds, wandavision) then goes back to an airbnb at the woodward building apartments on 15th & H street across from joe's seafood, prime steak & stone crab and performs a type of remote viewing to the location where the individual is in the process of committing suicide to "feed" off the energies released (modern scientific understanding of feral dogs & wolves show they have a type of emission/orgasm when they die releasing huge amounts of endorphins). these advanced entities slurp up our isolation and use coincidence & synchronicity in order to communicate with & control humanity.

THE RIOT: after 1-6-21 the new "protest" fences surrounding the white house have bolts on the OUTSIDE while barbed wire is on the INSIDE; these are the security measures of a prison, a kennel-temple intended to keep something from escaping, not a fence to protect those inside. theyre painting the picture for us!

“I don’t paint from emotion or feeling, which I think are both very ephemeral,” Biden said. “For me, painting is much more about kind of trying to bring forth what is, I think, the universal truth.”
It’s tempting to brush off a statement like this as a bunch of malarkey. But for Biden—a controversial figure who has been vilified by the right and uncomfortably ignored by the left—what is that universal truth, exactly?
“The universal truth is that everything is connected and that there’s something that goes far beyond what is our five senses and that connects us all,” he said. “The thing that really fascinates me is the connection between the macro and the micro, and how these patterns repeat themselves over and over.”
https://news.artnet.com/art-world/hunter-biden-gallery-show-1979790(mkultratheosophist hunter "inspired by jung"--no shit!)

(Imponderable Archon Biden
& his Jesuits Wrecked
Arecibo SETI To Avenge
Their LUCIFER Fiasco)


State Attorney General Kamala Harris argued that the warden was justified because the book was patently obscene. As the ruling noted, the book oozes with "detailed descriptions of intercourse, sodomy, oral-genital contact, oral-anal contact, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and ménage à trois" and "crude slang is used to describe various body parts and the sex act itself."

"The sex occurs between humans and werewolves, as well as intra-species," the court added. "On the other hand, the sex appears to be between consenting adults. No minors are involved. No bestiality is portrayed (unless werewolves count). And there is no sadomasochism."



Joe Biden loves the word ‘malarkey.’ But nobody knows where it came from:


MALARKEY=LEY KARMA=EARLY KAM (kam-ala early, the wolf-child)

MARALAGO, MONARCHY, MENARCHE (menstruation via moon cycles)

KA MA LA=MA LAR KY=AKA=ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 4 4 4 the mal-ar "key"


 K-MA-4Bid-den K-nowledge
!!america is back!! a 108 year old demented meth-head creeper brought it back.
all hail senile child-sniffer & false-prophet demonic rectal prober biden,
the "lapsed" catholic, only 2nd after kennedy,
"bidden" to sustain some monstrous, improbable thing. . .

the "infra"structure bill (infra=below, under), delta 8 thc edibles (legalized in the 2018 farm bill), mkultra popcult trauma, chipped face muzzles, social media, virtual neurotoxins, hbo/netflix "mandela effect" psyops & psych experiments, ufo/time travel/shifttok obsessions, time-warp programming & emphasis on necessity of smart tech is cumulatively building to a "significant event" manipulating our perception of time, carrying out conspiracies forged from the raw material of synchronicity itself.....

.................stay tuned!

(*why were the checks $1400? "1400.00" is the exact amt venmo'd 1-4-20 by mk-hitman hunter to ukrainian theosophist mykhailo vovk w/memo "omegle" and 14:00 hours--2 p.m. june 19--the exact time champ biden was executed; also, the secret state dept addy 1400: https://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2014/09/sarah-palins-confused-about-where-the-white-house-is ) https://freemasonrywatch.org/freemasonry_in_usa.html )