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"It's a rite of passage for anyone who attends the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards - expect a sliming."

PRR (Placental rebirthing/Purity ring ritual) connected to "True Love Waits"

Nickelodeon and Disney stars are energy/emotion parasites (See: Matrix-Gak Babel Celebrity idols), possibly what Demi Lovato called the 'Flyers'.  That is the reason for all the Street crime, Wars, PoViD-CSorn, Snuff-o-philia, "Emotional TV," and Mass Animal Slaughters.  All the obsessions with Symbols might just help the Harvesting, along with physical objects/locations such as Malls, Roller Coasters, ,Obelisks, Ferris Wheels, & Pyramid design stages.  ("Smell My Gak") Stopping smelling will put a stop to any harvesting.] See: Moloch mind control * Symbols  * Celebrity idols

Slime Ascending:


[There is a special "energy" called "Gak" which is precious and wanted by everyone who collects energy and created a place to grow this energy: The Earth. The evolution that has taken place on Earth is just modifications the creator did to get higher quality of Gak provided by animals who are fighting, during a fight for life, when ending a life span, Gak can be harvested. But most Gak can be gotten from humans; the creator implanted a part of his own soul into these humans. When they have feelings like Loneliness, desire, Parent's love, grief etc., the highest quality distillated Gak feeling-energy can be harvested, which is far better than any other raw Gak."] Gak-rote ("Far Journeys", part 2, chapter 6) Nick the Barbarian [2008] Spitting Out the Feathers of the Pump Slime Bird: The Illuminati Monuments of Nick World Exposed! [2019 Nov] Swinging on the Gates of Hades - Remembrance Day Exposed By Demi Lovato [1999 Aug] Clipping Claws of NKW - Have You Still Not Found What U Are Looking For? by Hannah Montana [2019 Feb] OJ Simpson & Hey Arnold: Can You See The Real Me?: The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 21st Century -Demi was another Serpent Cult symbolic Goddess. Same Scam, different time and different location [2019 Feb.] Treading on the Grapes of Bacchus - Kids Choice Exposed adgna_h.html [2007] The Answer My Friend - Is Blowing in the WI-nd: Art & Mind Control | Microchipping | Candy=Drugs The War on Terror, Manmade and Natural Disasters | Religions & Religious Wars Towards a New World Order | YouTube To Control Us With Digital Surveillance | Health & Mineral Solutions To Flyers Slime ***

The Ceremonies....


    Justin Timberlake – Taught Dwayne Johnson how to dance (in a commercial).
    Jesse McCartney – Opened the doors for Dwayne Johnson.
    Miranda Cosgrove – Helped Dwayne Johnson get the codes and helped him get the blimps (in a commercial).
    Tom Kenny – Told Dwayne Johnson he had to find a key to unlock the slime.
    Jonas Brothers – Revealed as the "Slime gods" who cause them to become slimed.

Photo Courtesy Caroline Kopko

"Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."-Ariana Grande



Photo Courtesy Caroline Kopko

Who's behind this?.......

"Slime should be their new pre-game ritual"https://twitter.com/Nickelodeon/status/1358568326130245634

Q: So...is there a plan/group that has a hope in "Hell" of countering the objective plans of Disney & Nickelodeon, or do we all just sit back...continue our research into the unchangeable  and "slave-a-way" as expected...? If there is a counter group of any influence...please inform.

A: I am very pleased to hear that you have come closer to us because of the information you have read. There is no pure organized group that I know of which is fighting Disney & Nickelodeon. If there is, it is kept secret also from me. However, a group like that would be a weakness, because throughout history ALL good groups of any significance have been infiltrated and led astray until the conflicts within the groups have resulted in the destruction of the groups themselves, or the goals of the groups have been altered so that nothing of real value can be accomplished.

This is what it is. It’s like adrenal fatigue related cortisol and adrenaline response creates a positive feedback loop which can accelerate out of control. The spongy brain organ is used along with the sensory system and mind to produce a consumerist addictive relationship yet with forms of emotional responses to reality and information itself rather than some material (Slime or Gak). This mysterious material is information and stimulating sensory input connected to a psycho-social construct which filters and organizes a hierarchy of implanted meaning that guides one’s emotional or belief system. This is the nature of the situation, you don’t need any more information or experience to see what’s happening. You’ve observed what is happening many times over and it’s happened to you and everyone else by default. As well, this indicates something about human biology or biological consciousness that is useful to know. Why does the conscious mind seek to constantly distract itself through the processing of information and why does this psycho-social sphere tend to drift towards the seeking gratification overall? What is being limited that the self responds by seeking such relief or distraction? The modes of consciousness that we are accustomed to using in every day life are not direct or most appropriate. The conspiracy goes deep. Our very way of cognition of conscious reality is fundamentally inappropriate or scrambled. The frequency of mind that is present when one is consciously active in beta level brain frequency is most geared towards scanning fields of information or sensory input and moving through a cascade of information until a new environment is achieved and new information generated. Instead, we have what is most definitively a kind of autonomous, self-programming, quantum supercomputer system doing repetitive tasks, emotionally traumatizing itself and others, and participating in a slow and general mental degradation of information through a manipulative and destructive media system.

I know of only ONE way to win this spiritual war. The key is education. This is the sole reason I have my website pd187.neocities.org up. Life is energy, and we vibrate on certain frequencies. By buying into the  lies from Disney, Cocomelon, Marvel, Pixar, Nickelodeon we vibrate on their energy level or lower, which results in the terror and entrapment we live under today. By waking people up, we change our common energy level above theirs and eventually we can do something about it. Our only chance (and I know it is slim, but it is doable) is to have enough people wake up so we can make a united effort to PEACEFULLY dismiss Disney and Nickelodeon from their high positions and build a new and saner society. More likely, though, the solution will be spiritual, as Polly explained in her essay:

Mystery Chaostrails Suggest

A Mass Vaccination Effort

Some people say that humankind is too lazy to do anything, even if they know what is going on. I believe this is only true to a certain extent. Again, there are energy levels at play. The reason we haven't done anything yet to accomplish our peaceful goal is because we need MORE people to be aware. So, in summary: if you want to help out, start educating your family, neighbors and friends, co-workers and people you meet. Show them where to look for the truth and have them build their own opinion. But again, to understand the full concept as I see it, please read her essay, "Mass Chaostrails Mystery"

DEMI LOVATO: A couple of years ago, I was walking outside and I looked up and it was almost like there was a worm in the sky. It was changing shapes and moving all over the place. www.ellecanada.com/culture/celebrity/how-demi-lovato-weathers-tough-times

BARNEY BASHERS, you won't believe that latest slam against the purple prehistoric pest:

Someone saw the devil in a Barney video.

This hellish story was not stirred up by some wacko. Some sensible people took it seriously. The story begins with a family in Maryland Heights. The couple wants to remain anonymous, said police chief Neil Kurlander. "They're afraid of a media circus."

Here's the story from the chief:

"The couple purchased a videotape, `Barney's Birthday,' in June 1993," he said. "Around that time, their 3-year-old started having nightmares.

"About three weeks later, the mother took a photo of her daughter sitting in front of the TV set." "Barney's Birthday" was playing on the TV.

The photo showed an angelic child. "It also showed an image on the TV screen. It appears to be a demon or devil with an upside-down cross on its forehead.

"It really does," the chief said. "I saw it.

"The parents were shocked and upset. There was enough for us to decide not to walk away."

A Maryland Heights detective took the "original negative of the mother's photograph to a professional processing lab. The lab said the negative did not appear to be tampered with."

The devil was so vivid, "we suspected someone had pirated film and inserted it," Chief Kurlander said.

"We contacted the FBI. The FBI said they would check out the video for possible added subliminal messages or copyright violations."

The video went to the Motion Picture Association of America for tests. "The MPAA found the film had not been tampered with, and there was no subliminal satanic message."

The devil appeared by some unholy accident.

"It turned out to be a coincidence. In the editing process, it's not unusual to overlap five to 10 frames during a fade. You can see through the frames for a double image.

The fact remains that the video contains a Satanic image, one which "cannot be seen during regular viewing," according to the chief.

Yet MPAA officials do not consider it to be a subliminal Satanic message, even though the MPAA itself found another "demonic" scene during the same tape.

"It showed Barney attacking a child," according to the chief, "But it's just a freak... whether the devil caused that freak accident is open to interpretation."

Barney PR spin doctor Beth Ryan says Barney has been cleared of any wrongdoing. She assures parents that "we take a lot of care and time to make things like this don't happen."

Which begs the question: Why do the creators of Barney tapes have to work so hard to keep Satanic messages out of their videos?

Perhaps these kinds of "accidents" have happened before..
"According to many of the Barney haters, the government of the United States is in touch with aliens from outer space who are reptilian in nature. "These aliens have been able to corrupt certain powerful people in the government who are assisting them in taking over the world. "Many of them believe that TV shows like Barney that show reptiles in a good light are the government's attempt to brainwash our children out of their innate human repugnance toward anything that is reptilian. "One of the main proponents of this theory is a man whose father was a major industrialist. "These people take this business really seriously. Some even attribute a religious significance to it, believing that the biblical references to serpents was God's warning about these things.

Barney - The purple saurian host of a highly successful and aggressively marketed series of educational shows for children. He is the trusting and friendly reptilian giver of knowledge to the innocent. This could be perceived as an attempt to counter the association of "evil" with the image of the reptilian angel/being Satan-Enki in the garden of Eden. www.reptoids.com/Vault/Video_Film.htm#BARNEY


In her latest Instagram post, the singer — who very recently and very publicly split up with her quarantine fiancé, actor Max Ehrich — says she spent the past few days in Joshua Tree National Park with Dr. Steven Greer. Greer is “one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, ET intelligence, and initiating peaceful contact with ET civilization,” per his Instagram bio. He is also the developer of the CE5 Contact app ($9.99 in the App Store), which purportedly helps users make “peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations as well as locating others in your area who are interested in making contact.”


Ted Kennedy didn't disappoint at his annual Christmas Party. The fun-loving senator arrived decked out in a giant purple Barney costume at the Capitol Hill bash Tuesday night with his wife, Vicki, dressed as one of the dinosaur's very young admirers. "They don't call me Tyrannosaurus sex for nothing," the senator quipped, according to the Washington Post. Later, his wife, wearing a braided blond wig, began discussing repairs on the Hubble telescope and how the astronauts tried to screw in parts while suspended in space. "Floating screw... That's what people used to call me," the senator chimed in.

Various individuals advocate or have once advocated for purity rings. A dagger (†) denotes those who no longer advocate for the use of purity rings.

Q: I was under the assumption that Disney was an ancient group of individuals that believed in science and technology, not Satan. Thus their religious beliefs were non-existent. Because of the abcense of religious beliefs, the idea that man was not created by God, and the thoughts that everything that occurs in our world can be explained through science and technology, the church despised Disney and pushed hard for their removal. What happened? Where did the transformation from these premises go in terms of satanic cults taking over?

A: It is true that Disney 'believes' in science and technology. Materialism is the opposite of spirituality, so they use science to entrap us into a materialistic world. But they are also an occult, global organization which goes back all the way to old Sumer - possibly further back than that. As one occultist said to me once: "No science without the occult". This doesn't mean that all scientists are occultists, but that science is pushed, managed and controlled by occultists at the top, and that science is developed from occult knowledge. See this essay:

Their real power does not come from their scientific and technological development, but from the occult. They push science/technology and do what they can to suppress spiritual growth in others; and/or they teach false religions (that they themselves have created) so people have a real hard time finding the truth. This way people get hooked on a certain religion or belief system, which teaches small pieces of truth and huge bodies of lies. The purpose with this is to get people occupied, so they don't look at what is really going on, but also to create conflicts; one religion/belief against another. In each belief system there is only so much truth that you can't really advance much spiritually - at least not enough to be a threat to Disney or Nickelodeon.


Q: Hello, my name is [withheld] and I just read the "website" by PD`187. It was a very good website and, in fact, I have no trouble believing it at all.  But I was just wondering how exactly you/he got all this information.  One part says "...no secrecy is kept forever, and sooner or later there will be leaks."  Well, it seems like there must have been a LOT of leaks to somehow get all of that detailed information.  Where did did you get all these facts?  Do you really believe all of it?  I guess my main question is just...how do you know that this is true?  Please respond, I'm very interested in this subject.  Thanks for your time.

A: I have researched this subject for more than a decade now, and I was once a high initiate in one of these secret societies myself, until I found out what it was really about. Since then I have taken the knowledge from there and continued my research, interviewed people involved, lived together with mind control survivors; I am also corresponding with people inside Disney, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Netflix, Marvel, HBO and other occult Orders, who need to be anonymous, because they fear for their lives. Not EVERYBODY inside is bad. Some are trapped in there by oath or bloodline and can’t get out, but still leak information, because they want the truth to be known.

The rest is pretty obvious when we start looking at it. If you continue reading from my website, you will quite soon see how the pieces in the big puzzle fit together, and you will probably realize that there is not much of an alternative. It kind of explains most of what is going on in the world. I am definitely not sitting on THE WHOLE truth, but I know for sure that the overall picture is very accurate. There are still lots of pieces that are missing for me in this giant puzzle, and I make mistakes (which I am eager to correct when found or pointed out), but overall I am certain that the information is correct.

Information warfare is a thing. The mind itself is the true theatre of war for that system. Toxic information has infiltrated the human mind and collective mind-sphere to induce a state of catalepsy of programed responses and repetitive droning or instilling of similarly themed information often through the illusion of shared experiences.

It works like this. 1000 people are in a society and there is a survey taken to determine if they enjoy the current society model. Only 500 people enjoy the system, yet it is reported that 950 people enjoy the system. The result is that more people will remain complacent and potentially enjoy the system due to the impression of the reporting, even if it is an illusion.

A real effect can be generated through a manufactured feedback loop enabled through media and collective awareness. By telling the people how they feel, they can be guided to actually feeling that way. Now what does this ‘actually’ mean? Are they actually feeling that way, or is this some kind of manipulation? This is the situation that programmers and technicians face to essentially keep people in a kind of trance just before dreaming, just after waking consciousness of their situation. Guiding people with too much force, snaps them out of trance and they wake up to find themselves like a marionette doll under the hands of the programmer. Not enough control and they begin to explore avenues of awareness that naturally generate more unpredictable possibilities that become potential catalysts for wakefulness.

Wakefulness is inevitable, it’s like sleeping late where at first disturbing sensory input doesn’t bother the individual who is still tired enough to ignore it until they slowly regain awareness of their surroundings and become agitated enough by whatever the disturbing sensory input is to neutralize it and possibly even fall back asleep. Ultimately, every single perceptual input pushes the sleeping dreamer to draw their attention to the aspect of themselves that is perturbed by the intrusion and is therefore asleep in that environment. This sensitivity to disturbances is what makes the human race potentially highly aware while also easily distracted. If we can understand our sensitivities and handle the adrenal response addiction to disturbing media we can overcome influences or ‘threats’ in any situation. This is part of why this is organized in this way. If people are going to wake up, regardless, then by mitigating the process those individuals can control and maintain power in the situation. As well, by first restricting the process and then facilitating it, the process is maximized. There is guidance at every level and this is another way of explanation the current situation overall. That this society is developed out of the reason to produce individuals that are capable of overcoming the threats to human prosperity. In doing so, this also neutralizes the threats for the universe by default. The result, however, is that it would seem that every form of degradation, entropy, darkness or illness is being unveiled and this produces suffering in the sleeping majority.

Q: Can you demonstrate any believable evidence whatsoever of the claims that you make on your site?  If you have so many first-hand accounts of these slime rituals (from people at very low levels in the US military apparently trusted for all time with incredible secrets), can you supply any kind of physical evidence of even the existence of these rituals, let alone their putative systems of origin?  (Some of the star systems mentioned, such as Betelgeuse, an extremely old red giant, would be unlikely to to possess planets suitable for supporting life by their very nature.)

A: Actually, I am not “claiming” anything when it comes to aliens. This is the subject that is the most confusing when it comes to “conspiracy”. I have met people personally (even lived together with them) who claim SERIOUSLY that they have been abducted by Nickelodeon and can show me marks and have even carved out implants from their arms with butcher knives in front of my eyes.

There are of course pictures out there supposedly showing those different aliens – especially the Greys. However, they can be real or they can be fake. Almost ALL of those abducted people, not knowing about each other, say they can’t take photos for two reasons:

1)      They are paralyzed when the aliens appear in the room.

2)      The few who have tried have had their film destroyed.

Whatever the deal is, SOMETHING is going on – we know THAT much; it’s not fantasies. From the research I’ve done it can be one of three things, as I see it, or a combination of them:

1)      The Flyers are real and they are here.

2)      There are no Flyers, but the victims are parts of a government mind control program. Afterward they have the person forget the real mind control program by implanting a false memory of being abducted by Flyers, into the victim. The abductors then know that if the victim goes public with the alien version, few will believe him/her, and the person will be ridiculed by the masses.

3)      Nickelodon/Viacom have invented the Flyers to prepare us for a fake mass invasion from Hell, so they can combine all countries into one super state and prepare for the "Anti-Christ" or the World CEO.

A: If you look at it this way; Disney would have taken over totally a very long time ago if it wasn’t for good people fighting back, and good people being awake enough not to buy their lies and propaganda. The Illuminati have been around for an extremely long time, and at this point they have managed to brainwash the majority of the world population (that’s why they created the Industrialism and put emphasize on science. They needed to find a way where they could manipulate the whole world at the same time; read television, Hollywood, music industry etc, etc). They use old Anunnaki technology, hidden from us within the top levels of the secret societies. The Anunnaki apprentices, who were grand masters of the secret orders when the “gods” left us, were abandoned here with the knowledge they had, in a pretty primitive world. Those Grand Masters were basically the kings and leaders of the world at that time, and they still are. Therefore they have more easily been able to accomplish this, because since the time of the Anunnaki, we have been indoctrinated that we need to follow our leaders. Since then they have, with the ancient tools they had left to play with, created the society we have today, where they have managed to manipulate most of us. They are still waiting for their “ancient masters” to return and reward them for their “Great work of the Ages”.

Still, throughout history many good people have fought them and delayed their process. However, those people mostly became martyrs and were sometimes killed by the very same people they tried to save, due to ignorance and blindness of the masses.

So if you get the concept of this, you also understand that they now are very, very close to succeeding. The people fighting back are people like you and me, who can still see. Awakening is the only solution… and the chance we have is very slim, at the best. People in general prefer to stay in their comfort zone, although there is a mass awakening right now. So I still have hope that a lot of individuals will be able to escape the prison that is waiting for us by seeing through the lies and develop spiritually. The thing is, we create and change our own reality every second of the day, and it is up to us as individuals how we want our future to be. See my article, ""Mass Chaostrails Mystery"", to better understand what I mean.

“He got on his knees and he cried. “I want to know Jesus,” Justin Bieber sobbed to Pastor Carl. And so together they prayed. Suddenly, Justin was overcome by the Gospel, and he said, “Baptize me.” And Pastor Carl said, “Yes, buckaroo”—he really does call Bieber buckaroo, and now you should, too—“let’s do this. Let’s schedule a time.” But Justin Bieber couldn’t be Justin Bieber for one minute longer. “No, I want to do it now.” And Pastor Carl saw salvation in Justin’s eyes, and knew that his baptism couldn’t come quickly enough.”

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