Welcome Seekers! to The Radiant Fellowship - a (relatively) new enclave dedicated to Earth's ageless Solar King.

Our luminous order traces its roots to rural South Carolina in the "groovy" era of the 1970s, where a family of free-spirited individuals uncovered the transcendental power of basking in embrace of everyone's favorite "superstar" - The Sun!

Our Fellowship believes by absorbing the force of our Sun unlocks a higher "light" (state of being) to attain "bright" consciousness. Our rituals consist of harmonizing with Solar cycles, performing dance ceremonies under Sol's divine rays, and communing with incandescence in a trance of ecstatic meditation.

Sound hard? It's not! Join us on this journey to embrace the warmth of the Sun and Embark
on a path of enLightenment together as we dance through the Solar winds and bask in the Glow
of the Shining Star that sustains all Earthen life.

As we walk shimmering into the new dawn of year 2025, our Solar Codex beckons you to embark on a journey to embrace our celestial Father.

In the glow of this orb, we walk the path of truth.

NOTE: In (most) Romance languages the word for "sun" is masculine (e.g. le soleil in French, el sol in Spanish, Il Sole in Italian). In most Germanic languages it is feminine (e.g. Die Sonne in German). In Proto-Indo-European, its gender was inanimate.

We follow the Romance model. The Lodge--The Dot

Anthropologically, our group is a transcendentalist tapestry of expression, exploration and hallucination. We enrobe ourselves in vibrant tie-dyed cloaks adorned with Sun symbols for gatherings of Celestial art, Psychedelic music (deejayed by GNAW) and a communal feast of organic, beautiful Sun-kissed fruits.

GNAW-Various Artists - Psychedelic Vibrations & Occult Hallucinations

The Solar Codex

Beloved Children of Radiance, Follow These Four Orbits:

  1. Morning Serenades: Rise with the Sun and Serenade His majesty with peculiar hymns of gratitude--Let the birds be your chorus, the wind your conductor.
  2. Dance of the Solar Flares: Engage in spontaneous dance, expressing the joy of existence and echoing the erratic beauty of solar flares. Embrace the weirdness within, and let it flow under the big yellow disco-ball in the firmament.
  3. Sunbathing Alchemy: Anoint thyself with sacred oils and bask in the transformative alchemy of sunbathing as you feel the photons merge with your essence, awakening dormant energies and illuminating the depths of your being.
  4. Mirror Reflection Rituals: Reflect the Sun's brilliance back onto the world with mirrors, amplifying its divine influence. As above, so below - let the earthly realm resonate with the cosmic vibrations.

Remember, our journey is both Old and Sacred, for in the eccentricity of our devotion, we uncover the essence of Sol worship.

We oppose the serpent Apep.

May the Codex illuminate your path. May your dance of existence continue in perpetual death: Platon Claojan Fe Lo!