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Baked Alaska - Project HAARP : The Pentagon's provocative plan to superheat the Earth's ionsphere.
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Since the 20th Century, "Aliens" Have Changed Their Stories to Delude Us Into Believing Them. One Example Is That Before We Went to Space or Sent Up Satellites "Aliens" Would Claim to Be From Planets Like Mars or Jupiter in Our Solar System but as Time Went on We Learned More About Our Closest Neighbors We Realized Nothing Could Live on a Planet Like Jupiter So "Aliens" Changed Their Stories & Now They Claim to Be From Other Solar Systems & Star Clusters Such as Andromeda or Pleiades. Do Not Be Convinced by Their Story of Life Beyond Earth - These Beings & the "Objects" They Take Flight in Are Not From the Stars, They Are From a Dimension on Top of Our Own. Our Beliefs About Evolution, Extraterrestrial Life and Interstellar Travel Have Made Us Susceptible to Their Deception. There as Evidence Suggesting These Beings Are the Same Ones Behind the Matrix Prisondimension and the Whole Reincarnation Trap. All of the Mirrors in Your Home Are Used by Them to Watch Us & Our Planet/reality; Next Time You Look in a Mirror, Look Past It, "Behind" Yourself and You Will See. When the 4g and 5g Wi-fi Program Is Shut Down (It Will Be Eventually), You Will See These Entities Roaming Our Planet Freely .

As Cosmic Frequencies Blocked by Wi-fi Upgrade the Dna in All Lifeforms, This Will Give You the Ability to Detect Beings Ruling Our World, See, Sense or Both. Darkness = Lack of, Including Lack of Perfection. I Have Been Seeing Them Since 1992 but That Is an Exception to the Matrix (Its Not a 100% Assimilation, It Has Flaws Due to "Lack of"). Have You Noticed Your Memories Seeming "Off" Lately? I Recently Discovered a Correlation Between Exposure to 24/7 Wi-fi and the Surge of "Mandela Effects" Back in 2010. Today My Mind Is in a Struggle to Escape This Matrix, Like the Struggle of Prey Stuck in a Spider's Web. They Say the More You Struggle in a Web the More Stuck You Get. Have You Been Feeling Sick and Tired, Even After Sleeping All Night? We Have Individual Consciousness, but to Them Our Consciousness Is Collective - These Beings Come in Dreams, Not Just to One of Us, but All of Us. Ive Seen People in Trance-like States, Not Asleep but "Channelling" These Beings, Absorbing Obvious Deception Through These Messages, in Incredible Pain. Ever Repeated Something and Couldnt Remember Where You Heard It? "Extraterrestrials" Are Demons in Alien Skin and Their Dimension Is Hell.

HAARP : The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy
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